The Best Kind of Radio Silence

We have some news to share, friends.

People have reached out to ask why I haven’t updated the blog after our profile was shared with the expectant mother. After all, it’s been like ten days!

This is the reason.


She chose our family.

She chose us to adopt her baby boy, due at the beginning of June.

I have started eight different posts to share this news since we got the call last Wednesday. Interestingly, I seem to lack a writing style that doesn’t lean heavily towards the smart-ass department.  With this kind of amazing, life-changing news, I was blocked, writer style.

So that’s all I’ve got, because I’m actually tongue tied, talking style.  Yup, me.  More updates to follow once I learn how to write/speak again!

Painted by my mother for this very occasion.

Painted by my mother after hearing the news.



11 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Radio Silence

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  2. I love the picture your mom painted! Congrats on being chosen by the birth mother. I remember when I was told we could adopt my daughter that I almost thought I was being pranked and then I got so giddy I didn’t stop smiling for weeks! I expect you are feeling the same elation!


      • I honestly don’t know that I can give you tips, it was so hard to think what if but it was hard not to. I think the biggest thing (maybe the hardest) is to love the mother enough that if she changes her mind you can love her for wanting to take care of a baby you know needs a lot of love. If something happens, it’s okay to grieve. I dealt with “adoption loss” feelings quite a bit before everything worked out.


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