About Me

I am a wife who became more of a Type A- than a Type A+ after meeting and marrying my easygoing husband.  I am a mama who developed empathy and compassion after the birth of my son.  I am a stay at home mom who gladly gave up her career as a middle school teacher and has never looked back.

I am one of the thousands of infertile women who decided she would do anything necessary to become a mother, and did, and is still at it.  I am a mama who decided that building my family did not mean our children had to share the same genes, and dove headfirst into the wonderfully crazy world of adoption.

I am a child of God and his son, Jesus.  I answer to Him, not the church.  I’ve never quite colored inside the lines when it comes to what one expects of a follower of Christ!

I am a woman who would like to give other women like me out there a big ol’ virtual hug and say, Keep at it.  It won’t be easy. Your heart might break.  But you will be successful, and when you are, it will all be worth it.

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