A New Baby! Wha?…

Wow, nearly a year has passed since my last post! So much has changed since then. For example, I had another baby. A very surprising, miraculous baby. Yes, even after we were told there was no chance even with IVF due to diminished ovarian reserve. Even after we used IVF for baby number one. Even when we adopted for baby number two. My third baby gave the middle finger to modern science and was conceived anyway! Apparently all it takes is one hearty egg and one ambitious sperm to getter done. Doctors don’t know everything, just goes to show. 

Leo shortly after birth.

Our beautiful boy Leo blessed our family at the end of June, following my week long stay for preeclampsia. The little mite was born at 35 weeks, and doctors estimated a two week stay in the NICU, but he battled his way out after five days. That kind of ambition should serve him well in life! It was really hard to see my baby with a feeding tube and all kinds of wires, and I felt enormously guilty that I couldn’t keep him in for the five weeks to which he was entitled. It’s a trait unique to moms, I think, to feel guilty for things over which we have no control. Consequently I dealt with some serious post partum depression in the two weeks following his birth. The suddenness of it all plus the hormone crash were just too much to weather without having a few breakdowns. Luckily I have an excellent support system and I traversed my way back to good emotional health with their help. 

Now I find myself, once desperate for a child, blessed with THREE children! Three boys, to be exact. When I’m not overwhelmed by the mess and the noise, I’m in awe of how lucky I am. Just a few short years ago I thought it would never happen for us. Each child has come to us in a miraculous way that has delighted and surprised us. I remind myself of that each time I lament that I have two in diapers. I have one in my arms as I write this. Multi tasking is essential to productivity around here. 

My three amazing boys.

Although I haven’t written for a year, I miss it and plan to write regularly here in the future. I have too many good stories not to write them down! I hope you will read them. ❤️Holly

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