Yeah, I Lost My Password. That Happened.

I’m B-A-C-K!
I should make up something much cooler than why I haven’t been on here for a couple weeks, but the honest to goodness truth is I locked myself out. That is decidedly unglamorous and frankly, a little embarrassing, but it’s all part of being me. My trusty old cell phone up and died, and when it did, it took my passwords with it. Yes, I had the majority of my vital passwords stored on my phone, a falliable piece of technology at best. Consequently, I went and locked myself out of such applications as WordPress, Facebook, Amazon, and so on.  Take note: If you ever find yourself in this situation, simply hit the “forgot password” button and take it from there.  Do not guess three times at what you think your password might be, because that leads to the application thinking you are an imposter and it will immediately and callously punt you right off your own site and not think twice about it.  The process to get back in after that is much more difficult than if I had simply admitted to myself in the beginning that I had jack idea of what these passwords were, and reached out for help via the inviting button that reads “forgot password.” 

As I was helplessly logged out of my blog, I continued to write and store my thoughts in MS Word, so I actually have a number of posts to enter. I have some fun news, some hopeful news, and some awesome revelations that have made my path brighter.  I have a little “I am woman, hear me roar” thing going on right now, so prepare yourselves.  Mamas, the next one is for you.

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