Where I Stood

This post originally appeared on www.carameredith.com on December 30, 2014.   I was honored to be featured on Cara’s page.   ***Warning: this post deals with pregnancy loss.  I walked the Green Mile two days before Christmas last year, 2013. My Green Mile did not have Tom Hanks or any magical theme woven throughout it. If it had, I imagine everything would have turned out differently. Moments before, I had been in the exam room with my husband. He was lovingly holding my hand and I was uncomfortably lying on the table as an extremely nice technician moved a very cold ultrasound around on my uterus. She made small talk as she searched, before finally saying, “I think it’s just too early to see them with this type of ultrasound. I’m going to have you go empty your bladder, and when you return we will try the other kind.”  Continue reading…

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