on infertility (with lisa ling).

Cara Meredith

In case you find yourself free to peruse various blogs or television shows, take the time to read about my friend Holly’s struggle with infertility.  Holly is a friend from high school …who happens to have her story featured tonite on CNN’s “This is Life With Lisa Ling: The Genius Experiment.”  So, read the answers to some questions I asked Holly, and then tune in to the show at 10 pm (PST) – but in the meantime, if you are or know someone who is struggling with infertility, practice kindness.  

photo cred: the portrait place {alecia silva} photo cred: the portrait place {alecia silva}

1.  Holly, tell us about yourself.   I am the lucky stay at home mom of my amazing little boy, who will be three in December.  Before he was born, my jobs were to teach middle school students language arts and try to become pregnant.
2.  And, let’s…

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